New Sailing Week at Portsmouth in 2022!

ReesLeisureis delighted to announce a new sailing week in Portsmouth in 2022!  ‘Knot’ only is there a new sailing week but there are three new cups available to win.

The week, organised by ReesLeisure in association with Prometheus Sailing, brings together sailing enthusiasts from businesses and organisations for a programme of races to showcase all that Portsmouth’s vibrant waterfront and the beautiful waters of the Solent have to offer.

Sunsail F41,0 yachts

The Portsmouth Sailing Week provides a fantastic day to interact and build relationships with other businesses, leaders and a terrific team-building experience. It also includes amazing views of the Spinnaker Tower and Portsmouth’s historic dockyard. A fleet of up to twelve Sunsail F41,0 yachts is set to take to the water on 5th July 2022 for a day of networking, client entertainment and office relationship building. The week will commence on the Tuesday5th July and end on Thursday 7th July 2022. Portsmouth Sailing Week will also announce the introduction of three new cups. These cups will be spread across three days; encouraging a variety of companies in various industries to attend. The cups are as follows:

The New Financial Cup takes place on Tuesday 5th July 2022. An exciting industry regatta for the financial world. Based from the Spinnaker Tower teams will battle it out to win the inaugural Cup!

The Solent Cup takes place on Wednesday, 6th July 2022. Wednesday will be a thrilling and stimulating day for team building and networking. The Solent Cup is set to attract an exciting range of teams for the inaugural event.

Finally, the third new cup is the Construction Cup. Companies in the industry will hit the water on Thursday, 7th July for an action-packed day of sailing and liaising with concurring companies.

Chris Rees, Director of ReesLeisure, commented “Portsmouth Sailing Week is set to be a fantastic function. Three days of sailing, team-building and networking with like minded individuals in a variety of industries provide depth and greater knowledge to companies attending. I can’t wait to learn, compete and enjoy this week in July!”.

Simon Boulding, Director of Prometheus Sailing commented “This is an exciting addition to the sailing calendar and we are delighted to be working with theReesLeisure team on a second sailing event on the South Coast.”

Portsmouth Sailing Week looks set to be a successful function and ReesLeisure can’t wait to compete, network and celebrate with companies attending the event.

December 2022